Stuart Bender – Screen Production Links

Links to variety of screen production and postproduction work.

Screen Production:

Gone in 360 Seconds (2016). Virtual Reality Film. Director. Sound recordist.

Inside the Dome (2015). 3D Stereoscopic Film. Cinematographer.

Off The Map (2015). Director, co-writer, co-producer, cinematographer.

Fading Lights (Major exhibition: 2015). Co-creator.

Excursion (2014). Director, co-writer, co-producer, cinematographer.


I was responsible for substantial post-production of the films above. For example:

  • Gone in 360 Seconds: VR compositing, colour grading.

  • Off The Map: Editor.

  • Excursion: Editor.

Homecoming (2014). Visual effects compositing (also Director, Producer)

The Argentinian Escape (2012). Visual effects compositing. (Also Director, producer, co-writer)

Double Cross (2011). Editor, visual effects compositing. (Also Director).


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