Stuart Bender – Screen Production Links

Links to variety of screen production and postproduction work.

Screen Production:

Gone in 360 Seconds (2016). Virtual Reality Film. Director. Sound recordist.

Inside the Dome (2015). 3D Stereoscopic Film. Cinematographer.

Off The Map (2015). Director, co-writer, co-producer, cinematographer.

Fading Lights (Major exhibition: 2015). Co-creator.

Excursion (2014). Director, co-writer, co-producer, cinematographer.


I was responsible for substantial post-production of the films above. For example:

  • Gone in 360 Seconds: VR compositing, colour grading.

  • Off The Map: Editor.

  • Excursion: Editor.

Homecoming (2014). Visual effects compositing (also Director, Producer)

The Argentinian Escape (2012). Visual effects compositing. (Also Director, producer, co-writer)

Double Cross (2011). Editor, visual effects compositing. (Also Director).


New films announced

G’day. I’m currently finalising two films. Please type your EMAIL ADDRESS in the box to the right

here in order to receive updates by email————————————————————–>

Photo by Leon Fry

Me filming Excursion in May 2013. Photo by Leon Fry

The first film, Homecoming, is at the final stages of sound postproduction and should be released very soon. This is an amazing film featuring production and performance work from some of Perth’s finest creatives. The second film is called Excursion and features an enormous cast of established and fresh Perth talent, as well as some fine production work from a variety of collaborators I’m proud to have worked with.

Stuart Bender Films update

Update: May 2012.

G’day. I’m currently in production of a new short film which is a crime-thriller about diamond smuggling. More details as the film gets finished.

In the mean-time, thank you to everybody who rolled up to support the March premiere of “The Argentinian Escape” and “Inside the Dance”! I hope these films will prove as successful internationally as the award nominated “Double Cross” in 2011!

Perth premiere of Stuart Bender Films, “The Argentinian Escape”

The Perth premiere of this action/adventure film will be on THURSDAY MARCH 8th 2012! Ticket information right here!

An army pilot travels to South America on vacation with his fiancée, where she is kidnapped and he is drawn into a violent encounter with an underground Argentinian drug smuggling operation.

Film enthusiasts can see some amazing behind the scenes teasers by clicking here.

Details about tickets etc for the March premiere in Perth will be available next week. The screening will also premiere my awesome short film “Inside the Dance.” See the trailer below:

“Inside the Dance” (Perth screening on Thursday March 8th!)

Screening at the Perth premiere of Stuart Bender’s “The Argentinian Escape!” Be capitivated by, and taken inside, the sensational choreography and performance of this beautiful dance. The amazing full version of this gorgeous film will be screened at the premiere of “The Argentinian Escape” (Thursday March 8th. Ticket information very soon!).

Directed by Stuart Bender
Choreography by Dawn Paulson Miller
Sound design by Julian Costa
Dance performance by the Centre of Rhythm Studio dancers

Cinematography by Stuart Bender, Murray Christian, and Tim Brade // Lighting by Lars Jensen // Performance by Rachel Winning, Kellie Golding, Helen Misson, Shael Daniel, Zoe Morris, Georgia Knox, and Jessica Beckwith

Information about tickets to the premiere will be announced very soon. Watch this space!

Thanks to Michelle Daniel and the Centre of Rhythm Studio
Thanks to the Lady Wardle Theatre at St Mary’s Anglican Girls School

Music by Moby (used with permission of Moby Gratis)

The screening in March will also premiere my action/adventure film “The Argentinian Escape.” See the trailer here:

Behind the scenes: Claremont Showgrounds shootout!

Behind the scenes of the climactic shootout in “The Argentinian Escape!” This week shows you how we filmed at the Claremont Showgrounds.

Special thanks to Matt, and the Royal Agricultural Society of WA for arranging access to the showgrounds. Thanks also to Kevin Clarke for providing the awesome cars to add that interesting touch to the location.

Remember to click the very simple links at the end of the video for more exciting behind the scenes and completed action films!

Behind the scenes of the TANGO SHOW in Stuart Bender’s “The Argentinian Escape”

To set the authentic flavour for “The Argentinian Escape,” we created sexy a Buenos Aires tango show! See behind-the-scenes of how the amazing music, captivating dancers and beautiful club location kick this film off with a classy touch. Thank you once again to Ryan and the Voodoo Lounge for furnishing us with an amazing location to film in! Thanks also to Cathie Travers and Saggezza for the incredible music, and Matt & Grace for their beautiful tango performance!

This exciting short film will be premiering very soon! Check out some previous behind-the-scenes of the film below: