Behind the scenes: Claremont Showgrounds shootout!

Behind the scenes of the climactic shootout in “The Argentinian Escape!” This week shows you how we filmed at the Claremont Showgrounds.

Special thanks to Matt, and the Royal Agricultural Society of WA for arranging access to the showgrounds. Thanks also to Kevin Clarke for providing the awesome cars to add that interesting touch to the location.

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Behind the scenes of the TANGO SHOW in Stuart Bender’s “The Argentinian Escape”

To set the authentic flavour for “The Argentinian Escape,” we created sexy a Buenos Aires tango show! See behind-the-scenes of how the amazing music, captivating dancers and beautiful club location kick this film off with a classy touch. Thank you once again to Ryan and the Voodoo Lounge for furnishing us with an amazing location to film in! Thanks also to Cathie Travers and Saggezza for the incredible music, and Matt & Grace for their beautiful tango performance!

This exciting short film will be premiering very soon! Check out some previous behind-the-scenes of the film below:

More behind the scenes: The car chase of Stuart Bender’s “The Argentinian Escape”

This week on the behind the scenes of “The Argentinian Escape” you can see how the filmmakers put together the exciting car-chase that happens during the action-packed climax of the film!

Set in the exotic South American location of Buenos Aires, Argentina, “The Argentinian Escape” is the brand new action adventure film from director/producer Stuart Bender.

Thanks to Michael Bozza and Bozzauto Film Vehicles for their extremely valuable contribution to this particular scene!

Please pass on these clips to other people. Also remember to check out the other behind the scenes clips as we prepare for the release of this exciting followup to last year’s award nominated “Double Cross” (read about Double Cross here).


[Photo credit: Alex Howell]

Behind the scenes of the hotel fight scene in Stuart Bender’s film “The Argentinian Escape”

An army pilot travels to South America on vacation with his fiancée, where she is kidnapped and he is drawn into a violent encounter with an underground Argentinian drug smuggling operation.

Set in the exotic South American location of Buenos Aires, Argentina, “The Argentinian Escape” is the brand new action adventure film from director/producer Stuart Bender.

Today sees the exciting announcement the upcoming release of the follow-up short film to last year’s extremely succesful film “Double Cross.”

In the months leading up to the release of this exciting film, I’ll be releasing short teaser clips and trailers to whet your appetite. In this first clip you will see the amazing Buenos Aires hotel set designed and constructed by production designer Rachel Winning (and her dedicated team). Massive thanks to Howard Worth, Steve Smith, Keith Coote and Michael Cunningham at Curtin University for their assistance with the studio.

Here are a couple of great sneak-peek photographs from behind the scenes of other parts of the film. There will be video clips and more pictures coming soon over the next few week. Each clip will showcase the incredible work of the best cast & crew I’ve ever worked with!

[Photo credit: Wade Ranson]

[Photo credit: Alex Howell,]

Stay tuned for more, and please enjoy the previous film “Double Cross” which you can read about in the blog post below.