Award Winning film “The Argentinian Escape” officially released online!

The Argentinian Escape: I’m incredibly excited to announce that this award winning adventure short film has now been officially released online! An army pilot travels to South America on vacation with his fiancee where she is kidnapped and he is drawn into a dangerous encounter with an underground Argentinian narcotic smuggling operation.



After an amazing premiere in Perth, “The Argentinian Escape” has traveled to the United States where it was nominated for two awards as well as being nominated for further awards and winning one at the 2013 West Australian Screen Awards! I’m very proud of this film and of every person who has been responsible for bringing it to life, and now it can be shared with everybody on the web. Please watch in full-screen and maximum image resolution, and read below for some exciting background material on the production.

The film was produced in 2011 following the incredible success of “Double Cross” (you can watch that film here). My aim as a director and producer was to open up my film-making to a much more emotionally satisfying adventure narrative which would appeal to a more broad audience than before. I could never have predicted the support that I gained from the superb cast and crew that jumped on board to make this film a reality. Everybody involved in the filming did an incredible job, and the post-production team took the film way beyond the next level in terms of production value.

Official Selection Laurels for 2012 Action On Film Festival

Official Selection Laurels for 2012 Action On Film Festival

Of course, one of the especially exciting results of the film is its international success with a number of awards. Briefly, the awards success list reads:

2012 Action On Film Festival in California.

  • Nominated Best Original Music Composition–Sam Cutri (competing against long-form feature films!)
  • Nominated Best Breakout Action Star–Stuart Bender

2013 West Australian Screen Awards.

  • WINNER Best Music Composition (Short Form)–Sam Cutri
  • Nominated Best Use of Visual Effects–Stuart Bender
Sam Cutri showing his WINNING award for music composition

Sam Cutri showing his WINNING award for music composition

For some fascinating behind the scenes clips that reveal the secrets of how such a production is accomplished, please check out these following snippets:

Finally, I want to thank each and every single person who contributed to this film. It was a massive undertaking by all involved, and I’m totally proud of the final result. Enjoy the film!

Film credits:

Produced by Stuart Bender

Directed by Stuart Bender

Written by Stuart Bender and Robert Livings

Cinematography by Marc Finn

Camera assistant/focus puller: Vaughn Clements

Grips: Travis Mijat and Shane Day

Location sound by  Julian Costa and Luke Griffiths

Editing and colour grade by Cristian Broadhurst

Sound design by Luke Griffiths

Original music composition by Sam Cutri

“Tango Voodoo” ©2011 by Cathie Travers, Performed by Saggezza

Visual Effects by Stuart Bender

Production design by Rachel Winning

Tango dancers: Matt Mackay and Grace Morrissey

Car stunts by Michael Bozza
Cars provided by Bozzauto Film Vehicles
Fight choreography by Dave King
Aircraft pilot Peter Hill
Airfield liaison Ashley Smith
Thanks to Northam Aeroclub
Spanish translation by Celeste Sciacchitano and Bryn Bender
Stills photography by Alex Howell, Rob Securo and Wade Ranson
Behind the scenes crew: Mark Rooke-Jones, Alex Cahill, Sean O’Keeffe and Marissa Bahar
Cast: Stuart Bender, Rachel Winning, Bruce Denny, Dave King, Adam Burstein, Lynn Crasto, Michael Bozza, Wade Ranson, Vedran Yaksich, Valentina Carboni, Aimee Facchini, Natalia Sampaio and Luke Farrell.
Guest starring: Marcelo Lopez
Assistant producer: Luke Griffiths
Produced by Stuart Bender Films (2012)