Stuart Bender’s 2012 achievements in review

It’s been a highly productive year for me, so as the curtain comes down on 2012 I’d like to share some great things that have happened to me this year.

1. Dr Stuart Bender

In November I was confirmed as Dr Stuart Bender for my Ph.D research at Murdoch University. This is extremely satisfying to me, and I want to thank my supervisor Mick Broderick for his support throughout the research.


2. First book coming out!

I’m proud to announce that my first book is being published early in 2013 through Cambridge Scholars Publishing in the UK. This book is titled Film Style and the World War II Combat Film. It addresses significant aspects of the aesthetic of these films including handheld cinematography, the editing style of battlefield killings, bodily performance of death and immersive sound design. This is very exciting for me and I’ll provide ordering information etc as soon as it hits international and online book stores. I have a number of people to thank for the help organising the research of this book, including Dale Dye, Pedro Loureiro, Stephen Prince, Jim Overman, Lawrence Suid and Noel King.

3. Interesting research publication!

Tom Hanks in "Saving Private Ryan" (Dreamworks SKG, 1998)My research article investigation acting and performance technique has just been published in issue 8 of the international peer-reviewed Interactive Media Journal. I argue that the dominant performance style and rehearsal methods for actors have changed in recent years and result in increased detail and nuance which encourage audiences to regard contemporary performances as more “realistic” than those of earlier periods of cinema. The paper is called: “‘I’ll See You On The Beach,’ Masculine Performance in Saving Private Ryan and Objective Burma!

Click HERE for a direct link to my article.

Click HERE for a link to the entire journal’s contents.

4. Exciting new film about diamond smuggling!


I produced and directed an exciting new film called Homecoming, which exposes the human cost of the underworld of international diamond smuggling. This is an impressive step up from everything I’ve created before and I can’t wait to share it with you early in 2013. It is co-produced with Luke Griffiths, and features a superb script from my American colleague J. Rocky Colavito. I’m completely proud of this piece of work. Feel free to enjoy these behind the scenes teaser photographs, shot by the fantastic Perth photographers Alex Howell and Rob Securo.



5. Nominated for international awards

My action/adventure  film The Argentinian Escape screened to a crowded cinema here in Perth in May. The film was also a success internationally, being nominated for 2 awards at the AOF Festival in California in August.


Image from

When it was screened at the Krikorian Theater in Monrovia California, The Argentinian Escape was nominated for the following two awards: Best Breakout Action Star (Stuart Bender) and Best Composition (Sam Cutri). Thank you so much to everybody involved in the film for helping to create an exciting piece of work that has captivated huge numbers of audiences worldwide. Everybody else, you can see the exciting teaser trailer here:

6. My personal favourite film

Finally, I also directed my personal favourite film which is an experimental work called Inside the Dance. This film enabled me to really push my filmmaking skills in a totally new direction. I’m extremely proud of this work created with a superb choreographer and group of dancers, as well as an excellent lighting technician, sound designer, and two other highly skilled cameramen.

Please check out the teaser of Inside the Dance here:

Next year looks great so far; with a feature film in pre-production and a lot of other exciting developments! Enjoy your new year celebrations, everybody!